Ryan Bailey

Role: Member

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year: Class of 2017 (Sophomore)


Scotia, NY


The Future of Light 2.0 Other Presenters: Leslie Chase, Danielle Balzano, Kianna Brevig, Daniel Reed, Denver Overend

The Engineering Ambassadors will present on the applications of digital lighting; Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for a multitude of applications beyond lighting. This includes communications and large scale applications of LED lighting systems. Students will be exposed to technological advances that they probably never imagined and how crucial they are to the electronic devices they enjoy in today’s world. The presentation is suited for but not limited to general middle school class, technology and physics (core, regents and AP) classes.

Evolution of Prosthetics - Biomedical Engineering Other Presenters: Jennifer Vincent, Dana Stevens, Tyler Graf, Khalil Drayton

This presentation covers the evolution of prosthetics and the engineering design process that governs the innovation. Topics covered will include biomechanics, action potentials and the connection of the nervous system, as well as future bionic and thought-controlled prostheses.

Design of An Athlete Other Presenters: David Glowny, Tyler Graf

The physics and engineering behind the sports that we love and hear about every day. We speak about why the bodies and skill sets that certain athletes have benefit them in their respective sports, but may not be optimal in other sports. We will also speak about the engineering that goes into designing protective equipment as well as creating and using biometric technology. Hands on activities include force plates to measure jump force, photo gates to measure speed, and EMGs to measure muscle activity as well as the opportunity for students to use the equipment to measure anything they think would work.