Samantha Bliss

Role: Member

Major: Environmental Engineering

Year: Class of 2017 (Alumni)

Engineering is the venue through which I can make a tangible difference in the world, and through Environmental Engineering specifically, I will be able to help responsibly manage our natural resources so that they will be available for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to enjoy.


Trough Creek, Pennsylvania


  • GE Power and Water EHS Intern
  • PPL Electric Utilities Substations Engineering Intern Summer 2014
  • GE Renewable Energy Wind Farm Engineering Intern

Favorite Quote

"A girl should be two things, who and what she wants to be."-Coco Chanel


Wind Energy Other Presenters: Emily Ortega, Allison Douglas, Carly Nadler, Rachel Stagnitti, Mallory Gordon, Dana Stevens, Leslie Chase, Kianna Brevig, Jonathan Minchala

This presentation will introduce the importance of the development of alternative energies to reduce America’s traditional dependency on oil. Wind energy will be the focus of the presentation as the technology will be described. The presentation will then focus on the engineering designs of the wind turbines. The hands-on activity will involve the students in designing the wind turbine blades. Sponsored by CURENT Engineering Research Center

Oil Spill Cleanup Other Presenters: Luke Cherniack, Carly Nadler, Nickolas Ziter, Jennifer Vincent, Sarah Mogan, Ian Steenstra, Louis Caponi, Erin Goodwin, Allison Douglas

An overview of how oil spills affect ecosystems that directly affect our lives and how engineers are working with scientists to develop new technology to quickly and effectively recover these ecosystems from oil spill disasters.

Water Filtration Other Presenters: Eric Gayle, Amy Bredes, Mallory Gordon, Erin Goodwin, Ian Steenstra, Allison Douglas

The Engineering Ambassadors will introduce the National Academy of Engineering's grand challenge of providing clean drinking water to the world. Students will learn about our planets natural filtering process, the water cycle, and how a similar process has been engineered to filter our water. A portable solution to providing clean water after natural disasters will be introduced. The student's culminating consists of creating their own gravity filter. This presentation is best suited for an Earth Science class or a Living Environment class, but can also be applicable to a chemistry class.