Amy Bredes

Role: Member

Major: Industrial And Management Engineering And Design,

Year: Class of 2018 (Alumni)

Engineering is important to me because it gives me the tools to solve problems efficiently and logically, but also allows me to be creative and inventive.Engineering gives me the tools to make a difference in the world and that possibility it exciting.


Ridge, Long Island, NY

Extracurricular Activities

  • Rensselaer Outing Club (ROC)
  • Hillel
  • Change the World Challenge (Spring 2015)
  • Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)


  • Engineering Intern at the Port Authority of NY and NJ

Favorite Quote

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." -Sir Edmund Hillary


Water Filtration Other Presenters: Eric Gayle, Mallory Gordon, Samantha Bliss, Erin Goodwin, Ian Steenstra, Allison Douglas

The Engineering Ambassadors will introduce the National Academy of Engineering's grand challenge of providing clean drinking water to the world. Students will learn about our planets natural filtering process, the water cycle, and how a similar process has been engineered to filter our water. A portable solution to providing clean water after natural disasters will be introduced. The student's culminating consists of creating their own gravity filter. This presentation is best suited for an Earth Science class or a Living Environment class, but can also be applicable to a chemistry class.

Engineering Solutions to Fighting Forest Fires Other Presenters: Zoe Westwater, Elizabeth Friend, Alyssa Borges, Emily Ortega, Ian Steenstra

Increasing forest fire rates are the cause of the overwhelming amount of acreage burned in the U.S. this year. This presentation focuses on how engineers finds ways to fight these fires. The presentation starts out by explaining the different components of fire and how it ignites. It then goes into indirect attack for fighting the fires. This includes fire barriers and backfiring. The presentation then goes into direct attack, which includes airplane modifications, and chemical retardants. Throughout this presentation, students will be introduced to a wide range of engineering disciplines.