Jane Edgington

Role: Member

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Sophomore


Reaction Action Other Presenters: Daniel Reed

Action Reaction is a presentation centered on how the basics of chemical reactions can be applied to engineering. The basic principle of a chemical reaction being a rearrangement of atoms is explained using the formation of water molecules. Then, the five key signs of identifying chemical reactions are introduced with video demonstrations of each. For the hands on activity, the “elephant toothpaste” reaction is introduced. It is a safe reaction involving dilute hydrogen peroxide decomposing to air and water with an iodine catalyst. Doing this reaction in the presence of dish soap creates a column of foam. The students then preform this reaction, making a tall column of foam. Finally, presenters explain how reactions like this are used in all branches of engineering to help improve the world.

Solar Energy: The Future of Residential Power Other Presenters: Daniel Reed

This presentation gives an overview of energy flow and conversion and applies these concepts to solar power. The presentation gives an elementary explanation of how photovoltaic cells and takes a peak at what's new and upcoming in the exciting field of solar power.

Thermoelectric Devices Other Presenters: Leili Tootsov

Learn about how to convert heat into electricity! This presentation covers the basics of efficiency, energy usage, energy conversion, and power, and walks students through the materials science behind thermoelectric devices. Students also experiment with their own thermoelectric devices and produce electricity to power propellers.