Liam Fahey

Role: Member

Major: Aeronautical Engineering

Year: Class of 2019 (Junior)


Essex Fells

Extracurricular Activities

  • Rensselaer Rocket Society


Digital Sound Other Presenters: Jane Edgington, Timothy Spafford, Brook Rulewich, Nickolas Ziter, Mallory Gordon, David Glowny, Denver Overend, Casey-Ellen Collette, Amy Reynolds, Rohan Cherian-Ashe

People rely on the engineering behind the science of sound everyday, whether its through listening to an Ipod, setting up speakers for a public event, or even through hearing aids. And yet, in this digital age, it is not clear to many people how exactly sound is stored in a digital device, what sound actually is, and how sound can be produced electronically. Therefore, this presentation displays and explains the intriguing engineering behind sound and its application in electronic devices.