Hilary Fiorentino

Role: Member

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Class of 2018 (Junior)


West Deptford, NJ

Extracurricular Activities

  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Study Abroad- UNSW, Australia
  • Society of Women Engineers


Structures Other Presenters: Enxhi Marika, Zoe Westwater, David Lau, Lauren Stenroos, Mallory Gordon

This presentation explores architecture through an engineering perspective. The history of structures, fundamental engineering concepts, and a structural analysis of modern buildings are all included. Using these understandings, a look into the future of architecture is possible.

Designing A Safe Coaster Other Presenters: Andrew Gabbeitt, Skyler Lafemina, Frederick Hole

Roller coasters are engineering marvels that provide the ultimate physical experience, but some people are fearful to take a ride on one. While there are many reasons, this presentation dispels the myths of poor safety and inherent risk involved with riding roller coasters. Three main aspects are analyzed including the effects of forces on the body, particular track design considerations, and restraining systems implemented on different coaster types.