Dominik Fritz

Role: Member

Major: Nuclear Engineering

Year: Class of 2019 (Sophomore)

Engineering is the bridge between far-fetched concepts and usefulness in society. Therefore, by learning Engineering, I can occupy my time with tasks that both interest me and help others.


Dallas, Texas


  • Nuclear Powered Space Flight URP

Favorite Quote

I have learned to use the word 'impossible' with the greatest caution. - Wernher von Braun


Nuclear Powered Spaceflight Other Presenters: Amalie Wendelken, Dana Stevens, Denver Overend, Carly Nadler, Louis Caponi

Travel to other planets has up until recently only been possible in science fiction media; however, as technologies of the twenty-first century have improved, such a mission is now almost possible. This presentation will examine how different disciplines of engineering (aeronautical, nuclear, mechanical, and more) are needed to produce a complex product like a spacecraft.

Radioisotopes (Nuclear Medicine) Other Presenters: Alice Connelli, Amalie Wendelken, Brook Rulewich, Louis Caponi

The science behind radioisotopes and their involvement in medical imaging.