Stuart Irwin

Role: Member

Major: Chemical And Biological Engineering

Year: Class of 2021 (Junior)

Engineering has always been my dream career. Many people look to be an astronaut, or rock star, or professional athlete, but I've wanted to be an engineer since going to a simple "take your kid to work day" with my father. He's always been a great role model to me and continuing the line of engineers on my dad's side felt like a fulfilling idea.


Harvard, MA

Extracurricular Activities

  • AiChE
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Cheese Club
  • I-PERSIST Mentoring


Chemical Engineering Processes Other Presenters: Parth Bhide, Erin Goodwin, Luke Cherniack

An overview of chemical engineering, with a focus on process design. We cover reactors, separators, and control, highlighting the work ChemEs do to design a process.

Honor the Code Other Presenters: Lily O'Halloran

The initial presentation to all new engineering students, Honor the code is a pivotal beginning to a career of integrity and honesty.