Enxhi Marika

Role: Member

Major: Materials Engineering

Year: Class of 2018 (Senior)


Goshen, CT

Extracurricular Activities

  • Materials Advantage
  • Pi Beta Phi

Favorite Quote

"Everyone you meet has something valuable to teach you."


Evolution of Prosthetics - Biomedical Engineering Other Presenters: Jennifer Vincent, Louis Caponi, Alice Connelli, Dana Stevens, Carly Nadler, Tyler Graf, Nicole Zimmer, Samantha Wong

This presentation covers the evolution of prosthetics and the engineering design process that governs the innovation. Topics covered will include biomechanics, action potentials and the connection of the nervous system, as well as future bionic and thought-controlled prostheses.

Fluid Dynamics Other Presenters: Dana Stevens, Parth Bhide

This presentation introduces the basics concepts behind the science of fluid dynamics – the study of forces on fluids in motion – and addresses the importance of fluid dynamics in society. It explores how engineers look at nature for inspiration and then dives into the most interesting applications in everyday life.

Structures Other Presenters: Mallory Gordon, Hilary Fiorentino, Carly Nadler, Eric Gayle

This presentation explores architecture through an engineering perspective. The history of structures, fundamental engineering concepts, and a structural analysis of modern buildings are all included. Using these understandings, a look into the future of architecture is possible.

Design of An Athlete Other Presenters: Timothy Spafford, Jennifer Vincent, Tyler Graf

The physics and engineering behind the sports that we love and hear about every day. We speak about why the bodies and skill sets that certain athletes have benefit them in their respective sports, but may not be optimal in other sports. We will also speak about the engineering that goes into designing protective equipment as well as creating and using biometric technology. Hands on activities include force plates to measure jump force, photo gates to measure speed, and EMGs to measure muscle activity as well as the opportunity for students to use the equipment to measure anything they think would work.

Wearing Polymers Other Presenters: Mallory Gordon

This presentation starts off by describing what a polymer is and then moves into how engineers play a role in unexpected areas. We discuss polymers that occur naturally and some common examples that everyone has heard of. This presentation then move onto polymers that have been synthetically produced to suit consumer needs. We then move on to polymers that play a huge role in keeping service men and women safe and the advanced engineering behind it.