Michael Miller

Role: Member

Major: Materials Engineering

Year: Class of 2018 (Alumni)


Troy, NY

Extracurricular Activities

  • Theta Xi Fraternity


The Future of Light 2.0 Other Presenters: Elizabeth Eckhardt, Leslie Chase, Kianna Brevig, Daniel Reed, Denver Overend, Elizabeth Friend, Ian Steenstra, Diana Klyuchnik

The Engineering Ambassadors will present on the applications of digital lighting; Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for a multitude of applications beyond lighting. This includes communications and large scale applications of LED lighting systems. Students will be exposed to technological advances that they probably never imagined and how crucial they are to the electronic devices they enjoy in today’s world. The presentation is suited for but not limited to general middle school class, technology and physics (core, regents and AP) classes.

Jet Engines Other Presenters: Timothy Spafford, Vladimir Ramos-Vasquez, Jaime Lord, Frederick Hole, Casey-Ellen Collette, Louis Caponi, Rachel Stagnitti, Lily O'Halloran, Sai Vaishnav Chadalavada

This presentation provides an overview of how jet engines operate, describing each main component within the system. It also explores the vigorous testing processes that these engines must undergo, as well as the various uses for jet engines.

Nanotechnology Other Presenters: Leili Tootsov, Erin Goodwin, Amy Reynolds, Ian Steenstra

This presentation allows students to understand the engineering that goes on at a scale smaller than most think is possible. Nanotechnology is an up-and-coming topic in materials engineering. This presentation starts by describing the nanoscale and how small it really is. From there, it shows how materials at the nanoscale, or nanomaterials, have different properties than those at a larger scale. This presentation shows the wide range of nanomaterial applications, including targeted drug delivery, a method of combining nanomaterials and medicine to prevent the medicine from getting to unnecessary parts of the body.