Lily O'Halloran

Role: Member

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Class of 2020 (Senior)


Portland, Oregon


  • Pratt and Whitney


Structures Other Presenters: Eric Gayle, Carly Nadler, Hilary Fiorentino, Mallory Gordon, Enxhi Marika, Casey-Ellen Collette, Samantha Wong

This presentation explores architecture through an engineering perspective. The history of structures, fundamental engineering concepts, and a structural analysis of modern buildings are all included. Using these understandings, a look into the future of architecture is possible.

Mathematics and Path Finding Robots Other Presenters: Nikhilas Murthy, Matthew Jahnes, David Glowny, Timothy Spafford, Jonathan Minchala, Emily Ortega, Alyssa Borges, Diana Klyuchnik

The presentation begins with examples and definitions of a robot, algorithm, and path finding. Then we start a small discussion on the applications of mathematics in robotics by providing examples of both simple and complex applications. We break mid-presentation for the hands on activity. The hands on activity mostly involves the simple equation: circumference * # of rotations = distance traveled. The end goal of the activity is to have the kids program a small NXT robot to move and pick up a ball without using trial and error. We give them a handout that has the recommended paths and distances the robot should cover as well as information on the dimensions of the robot so they can make the calculations. After the hands on activity we close the presentation with a short discussion on modeling the behavior of some small single celled organisms (E-coli) with mathematical algorithms as well as the future of path finding robotics (like autonomous cars).

Jet Engines Other Presenters: Timothy Spafford, Vladimir Ramos-Vasquez, Michael Miller, Jaime Lord, Frederick Hole, Casey-Ellen Collette, Louis Caponi, Rachel Stagnitti, Sai Vaishnav Chadalavada

This presentation provides an overview of how jet engines operate, describing each main component within the system. It also explores the vigorous testing processes that these engines must undergo, as well as the various uses for jet engines.

Drag Force Other Presenters: Jaime Lord, Dana Stevens, Frederick Hole, Casey-Ellen Collette, Samantha Wong, Francesca LaPinta, Allison Douglas

This presentation introduces a topic which effects almost every engineering discipline, Drag Force. In this presentation the importance of Drag Force is introduced, the consequences of Drag Force are explained, and students are introduced to the work many different types of engineers. After the presentations, students go through a hands on activity which involves using a wind tunnel to analyze the drag force on a car.

Designing A Safe Roller Coaster Other Presenters: Nikhilas Murthy, Louis Caponi, Casey-Ellen Collette, Rachel Stagnitti, Carly Nadler, Amy Reynolds, Andrew Gabbeitt, Skyler Lafemina, Hilary Fiorentino, Frederick Hole, Denver Overend, Zoe Westwater, Jane Edgington, Elizabeth Eckhardt, Jonathan Minchala

Roller coasters are engineering marvels that provide the ultimate physical experience, but some people are fearful to take a ride on one. While there are many reasons, this presentation dispels the myths of poor safety and inherent risk involved with riding roller coasters. Three main aspects are analyzed including the effects of forces on the body, particular track design considerations, and restraining systems implemented on different coaster types.

Honor the Code Other Presenters: Stuart Irwin

The initial presentation to all new engineering students, Honor the code is a pivotal beginning to a career of integrity and honesty.

Physics of Parachutes Other Presenters: Jonathan Minchala, Alyssa Borges, Samantha Wong

This presentation involves the physics behind how a parachutes works. The discussion of how forces interact with each other to make you land safely on the ground. A little history from the first parachute to the present parachutes and what parachutes have in store for us in the future and how engineers continue to devlop these massive parachutes.