Brook Rulewich

Role: Member

Major: Industrial And Management Engr

Year: Sophomore


Humanitarian Logistics Other Presenters: Fiona Flynn, Tyler Graf, Andrew Gabbeitt, Daniel Reed, Nickolas Ziter, Rachel Stagnitti, Louis Caponi, Ian Steenstra

An increasing number of disasters affecting communities worldwide has prompted the need to better prepare, respond and recover in order to reduce human suffering and loss of life and money. In response to that: the research community is uniting efforts on the investigation, documentation and analysis of recent disasters to better understand the dynamics and particularities of Post-disaster Humanitarian Logistics. The presenters talk about common misconceptions people have of what to donate to survivors and how engineering can be useful in the field of Humanitarian Logistics. Students then simulate a donation drive in a hands-on activity.

Digital Sound Other Presenters: Nikhilas Murthy, Rohan Cherian-Ashe, Amy Reynolds, Casey-Ellen Collette, Liam Fahey, Denver Overend, David Glowny, Mallory Gordon, Nickolas Ziter, Timothy Spafford, Jane Edgington, Jonathan Minchala, Alyssa Borges, Samantha Wong, Diana Klyuchnik, Ian Steenstra

People rely on the engineering behind the science of sound everyday, whether its through listening to an Ipod, setting up speakers for a public event, or even through hearing aids. And yet, in this digital age, it is not clear to many people how exactly sound is stored in a digital device, what sound actually is, and how sound can be produced electronically. Therefore, this presentation displays and explains the intriguing engineering behind sound and its application in electronic devices.

Radioisotopes (Nuclear Medicine) Other Presenters: Dominik Fritz, Alice Connelli, Amalie Wendelken, Louis Caponi

The science behind radioisotopes and their involvement in medical imaging.

Optimizing Traffic Other Presenters: Fiona Flynn, Elizabeth Friend, Allison Douglas

Traffic is an issue that impacts people all over the world every single day and causes a loss of time, resources, and money. In this presentation, we’ll be talking about what causes traffic, how engineers are designing solutions to these problems, and the types of engineers who work directly on solutions. Some of the topics discussed include ride sharing, better design of highways, the use of algorithms, and traffic sensors. It also includes an overview of civil and industrial & systems engineering. This presentation allows students to consider engineering beyond its typical scope – the engineers who optimize traffic aren’t building devices or machines, but designing highways and process to make them more efficient