Dana Stevens

Role: Member

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Class of 2017 (Alumni)


Freehold, NJ

Extracurricular Activities

  • Curling Team


  • Pratt and Whitney- Hot Section Engineering
  • Pratt and Whitney- Systems Engineering and Validation

Favorite Quote

Darling. Luck favors the prepared. Edna Mode (The Incredibles)


Evolution of Prosthetics - Biomedical Engineering Other Presenters: Samantha Wong, Nicole Zimmer, Tyler Graf, Carly Nadler, Enxhi Marika, Alice Connelli, Louis Caponi, Jennifer Vincent, Casey-Ellen Collette

This presentation covers the evolution of prosthetics and the engineering design process that governs the innovation. Topics covered will include biomechanics, action potentials and the connection of the nervous system, as well as future bionic and thought-controlled prostheses.

Wind Energy Other Presenters: Emily Ortega, Allison Douglas, Carly Nadler, Rachel Stagnitti, Mallory Gordon, Samantha Bliss, Leslie Chase, Kianna Brevig, Jonathan Minchala

This presentation will introduce the importance of the development of alternative energies to reduce America’s traditional dependency on oil. Wind energy will be the focus of the presentation as the technology will be described. The presentation will then focus on the engineering designs of the wind turbines. The hands-on activity will involve the students in designing the wind turbine blades. Sponsored by CURENT Engineering Research Center

Fluid Dynamics Other Presenters: Parth Bhide, Enxhi Marika, Rachel Stagnitti, Emily Ortega, Samantha Wong

This presentation introduces the basics concepts behind the science of fluid dynamics – the study of forces on fluids in motion – and addresses the importance of fluid dynamics in society. It explores how engineers look at nature for inspiration and then dives into the most interesting applications in everyday life.

Nuclear Powered Spaceflight Other Presenters: Dominik Fritz, Amalie Wendelken, Denver Overend, Carly Nadler, Louis Caponi

Travel to other planets has up until recently only been possible in science fiction media; however, as technologies of the twenty-first century have improved, such a mission is now almost possible. This presentation will examine how different disciplines of engineering (aeronautical, nuclear, mechanical, and more) are needed to produce a complex product like a spacecraft.

Drag Force Other Presenters: Jaime Lord, Frederick Hole, Casey-Ellen Collette, Samantha Wong, Francesca LaPinta, Allison Douglas, Lily O'Halloran

This presentation introduces a topic which effects almost every engineering discipline, Drag Force. In this presentation the importance of Drag Force is introduced, the consequences of Drag Force are explained, and students are introduced to the work many different types of engineers. After the presentations, students go through a hands on activity which involves using a wind tunnel to analyze the drag force on a car.