Leili Tootsov

Role: Member

Major: Materials Engineering

Year: Class of 2019 (Sophomore)


Randolph, NJ

Extracurricular Activities

  • Material Advantage
  • Ski Club


  • Undergraduate Research Assistant


Thermoelectric Devices Other Presenters: Jane Edgington, Casey-Ellen Collette, Louis Caponi, Parth Bhide

Learn about how to convert heat into electricity! This presentation covers the basics of efficiency, energy usage, energy conversion, and power, and walks students through the materials science behind thermoelectric devices. Students also experiment with their own thermoelectric devices and produce electricity to power propellers.

Nanotechnology Other Presenters: Michael Miller, Erin Goodwin, Amy Reynolds

This presentation allows students to understand the engineering that goes on at a scale smaller than most think is possible. Nanotechnology is an up-and-coming topic in materials engineering. This presentation starts by describing the nanoscale and how small it really is. From there, it shows how materials at the nanoscale, or nanomaterials, have different properties than those at a larger scale. This presentation shows the wide range of nanomaterial applications, including targeted drug delivery, a method of combining nanomaterials and medicine to prevent the medicine from getting to unnecessary parts of the body.