Samantha Wong

Role: Member

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Class of 2020 (Senior)


Evolution of Prosthetics - Biomedical Engineering Other Presenters: Nicole Zimmer, Tyler Graf, Carly Nadler, Enxhi Marika, Dana Stevens, Alice Connelli, Louis Caponi, Jennifer Vincent, Casey-Ellen Collette

This presentation covers the evolution of prosthetics and the engineering design process that governs the innovation. Topics covered will include biomechanics, action potentials and the connection of the nervous system, as well as future bionic and thought-controlled prostheses.

Fluid Dynamics Other Presenters: Dana Stevens, Parth Bhide, Enxhi Marika, Rachel Stagnitti, Emily Ortega

This presentation introduces the basics concepts behind the science of fluid dynamics – the study of forces on fluids in motion – and addresses the importance of fluid dynamics in society. It explores how engineers look at nature for inspiration and then dives into the most interesting applications in everyday life.

Structures Other Presenters: Eric Gayle, Carly Nadler, Hilary Fiorentino, Mallory Gordon, Enxhi Marika, Casey-Ellen Collette, Lily O'Halloran

This presentation explores architecture through an engineering perspective. The history of structures, fundamental engineering concepts, and a structural analysis of modern buildings are all included. Using these understandings, a look into the future of architecture is possible.

Digital Sound Other Presenters: Nikhilas Murthy, Rohan Cherian-Ashe, Amy Reynolds, Casey-Ellen Collette, Liam Fahey, Denver Overend, David Glowny, Mallory Gordon, Nickolas Ziter, Brook Rulewich, Timothy Spafford, Jane Edgington, Jonathan Minchala, Alyssa Borges, Diana Klyuchnik, Ian Steenstra

People rely on the engineering behind the science of sound everyday, whether its through listening to an Ipod, setting up speakers for a public event, or even through hearing aids. And yet, in this digital age, it is not clear to many people how exactly sound is stored in a digital device, what sound actually is, and how sound can be produced electronically. Therefore, this presentation displays and explains the intriguing engineering behind sound and its application in electronic devices.

Drag Force Other Presenters: Jaime Lord, Dana Stevens, Frederick Hole, Casey-Ellen Collette, Francesca LaPinta, Allison Douglas, Lily O'Halloran

This presentation introduces a topic which effects almost every engineering discipline, Drag Force. In this presentation the importance of Drag Force is introduced, the consequences of Drag Force are explained, and students are introduced to the work many different types of engineers. After the presentations, students go through a hands on activity which involves using a wind tunnel to analyze the drag force on a car.

Physics of Parachutes Other Presenters: Jonathan Minchala, Alyssa Borges, Lily O'Halloran

This presentation involves the physics behind how a parachutes works. The discussion of how forces interact with each other to make you land safely on the ground. A little history from the first parachute to the present parachutes and what parachutes have in store for us in the future and how engineers continue to devlop these massive parachutes.

Polymers Other Presenters: Jonathan Minchala

There are three main sections this presentation covers. We’ll talk about polymer structure, how it leads to its mechanical properties, and finally how engineers can apply them to society.