Cellular and Tissue Engineering

Presenters: Carly Nadler , Casey-Ellen Collette , Tyler Graf , Jennifer Vincent , Erin Goodwin

Advisor: Mariah Hahn, Ph.D.

Presentation Description

This presentation will discuss the current solutions that are being developed to solve medical problems. It will focus on how engineers are working to eliminate the need for organ transplants by finding ways to create organs outside of the body. In the hands on activity, students will work in teams to create their own organs out of synthetic materials. As a class, the students will have to try to put all of their organs together to create a body. This presentation will expose students to the biomedical engineering field and advances, and it will also highlight the various types of engineering that are involved in this field. Key Words: biology, cells, tissue, organs and basic anatomy, 3D printing, etc.

Learning Outcomes

Middle School Level will share a broad understanding of tissue engineering.

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