Presenters: Eric Gayle , Carly Nadler , Hilary Fiorentino , Mallory Gordon , Enxhi Marika , Casey-Ellen Collette , Lily O'Halloran , Samantha Wong

Presentation Description

This presentation explores architecture through an engineering perspective. The history of structures, fundamental engineering concepts, and a structural analysis of modern buildings are all included. Using these understandings, a look into the future of architecture is possible.

Learning Outcomes

A basic understanding of the engineering concepts that go into creating structures and future architectural possibilities. MS-PS2-1; MS-PS2-2; MS-PS1-3; MS-ETS1-1 HS-PS1-1; HS-PS1-3; HS-PS2-6; HS-ETS1-3; HS-ETS1-4

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