Design of An Athlete

Presenters: Tyler Graf , Jennifer Vincent , Timothy Spafford , Enxhi Marika , Carly Nadler , Francesca LaPinta , Allison Douglas , Alyssa Borges

Advisor: John Drazan, Ph.D.

Presentation Description

The physics and engineering behind the sports that we love and hear about every day. We speak about why the bodies and skill sets that certain athletes have benefit them in their respective sports, but may not be optimal in other sports. We will also speak about the engineering that goes into designing protective equipment as well as creating and using biometric technology. Hands on activities include force plates to measure jump force, photo gates to measure speed, and EMGs to measure muscle activity as well as the opportunity for students to use the equipment to measure anything they think would work.

Learning Outcomes

MS-PS2-2; MS-ETS1-3 HS-PS2-2; HS-PS2-6; HS-ETS1-3

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