Humanitarian Logistics

Presenters: Fiona Flynn , Brook Rulewich , Tyler Graf , Andrew Gabbeitt , Daniel Reed , Nickolas Ziter , Rachel Stagnitti , Louis Caponi , Ian Steenstra

Advisor: Jose Holguin-Veras, Ph.D.

Presentation Description

An increasing number of disasters affecting communities worldwide has prompted the need to better prepare, respond and recover in order to reduce human suffering and loss of life and money. In response to that: the research community is uniting efforts on the investigation, documentation and analysis of recent disasters to better understand the dynamics and particularities of Post-disaster Humanitarian Logistics. The presenters talk about common misconceptions people have of what to donate to survivors and how engineering can be useful in the field of Humanitarian Logistics. Students then simulate a donation drive in a hands-on activity.

Learning Outcomes

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