REACH Introduction

REACH - Remote Engineering Ambassador CHannel is an online resource designed to help expand the current RPI Engineering Ambassadors program beyond the immediate region of the Capital Region of upstate New York. We have carefully selected well annotated presentations & hands-on activities to share with the general public so that our RPI EA Alumni community and other engineering enthusiasts can help to share their passion on engineering and the role their play within our society to better our world.

Each presentation title slide has back-up information to support your efforts. This would include:

  1. A voice-over video of the slides,
  2. An annotated PowerPoint presentation for the individual who would like to present the material with their personal touch,
  3. The curriculum documentation that describes the concepts reviewed, materials required for the hands-on activities and the appropriate student grade levels ( 5-8 and 9 – 12),
  4. The national learning standards – i.e. Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards aligned with the concepts taught.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact Rensselaer School of Engineering Education Outreach Center at the general email address:

REACH Presentations - All Presentations

Digital Sound
Class Level: Middle School, High School

Class Level: Middle School, High School

Jet Engines
Class Level: Middle School, High School

Class Level: Middle School, High School

Reaction Action: Chemical and Physical Changes
Class Level: Middle School

Class Level: Elementary, Middle School

The Evolution of Prosthetics
Class Level: Middle School, High School

Thermoelectric Devices: Helping to Solve the Energy Crisis
Class Level: Middle School, High School